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Don’t miss this exciting collection of short stories that explore how we as ordinary humans cope with circumstances that test our convictions: a loving husband’s desperation during the Katrina disaster (Paoletti), a woman’s struggle to accept family secrets that contradict stories she heard as a child (Campbell), a contract killer’s reassessment of personal priorities as he carries out his final assignment (Frieden), a young woman’s life-changing altercation with a gang in 1980s Humboldt Park (Borcherts), and so much more.

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Sep. 23 and Oct. 2
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ISBN 0974793469
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The Authors: (Click name for bios)

Alverne Ball
Julia Borcherts
Sarah Calfee
Megan Campbell
Frank Crist
Sharon Doering
Jamie Freveletti
A.C. Frieden
Ric Hess
Darwyn Jones
Dana Kaye
Joseph Marceau
Marc Paoletti
Patricia Rosemoor
Marcus Sakey

The Chicago Contingent is an ensemble of some of Chicago's best mystery and popular fiction authors, many of them alums and faculty of the renowned fiction department at Columbia College Chicago.